Who We Are

We are an innovative healthcare consulting, education, research, and technology firm that uses the power of community, evidence-based mental health education, and technology to create a novel direct care workforce support, engagement, development, and quality improvement system that increases situational awareness and improves emotion regulation while increasing the skills needed for deeper, more impactful, patient-provider interactions, improved patient safety, improved patient outcomes, and ultimately improved direct care workforce retention.

Our Calling

We are relentlessly dedicated to transforming all public healthcare organizations and social services organizations into SAFE HAVENS where all direct care employees feel seen, heard, supported, included, and able to acknowledge and express their human side while delivering exceptional care.

How We Transform Care Delivery

Specialty Focus

We are revolutionizing the way organizations support, engage, and educate their direct care workforce, specifically around their mental health and wellbeing and the critical impact this has on patient and family outcomes.

Scalable Digital

We are doing this through our novel evidence-based workforce development, engagement, support, and well-being monitoring infrastructure for deployment-based health delivery organizations serving high-risk and underserved populations as well as clinical education programs.

& Proven Results

Our workforce development systems support and enhance current care delivery models by supporting and teaching staff to manage the mental and emotional rigors of care while building effective peer support systems.

Who We Serve

Government agencies deploying healthcare workers across various countries, states, and local sites

Home Visiting & Community-Based Organizations

Healthcare Staffing Agencies deploying healthcare workers across multiple sites

Health Insurance Organizations seeking to install comprehensive employee support programs for their direct care workforce

Educational institutions seeking to increase clinical student retention, graduation, and successful integration into the workforce

Our Partners

peaced-rapha healthcare
hospital council of east central michigan
parish healtcare
davenport university