Alzheimer’s Training for Health Professions

The Maryland Department of Health needs more health professionals trained on how to manage the care of patients with Alzheimer’s and their families. All health professionals are needed, especially if you are a medication technician, nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, work in long term care or work with seniors in any capacity!

The Maryland health department anticipates that over 100,000 MD residents will develop Alzheimer’s over the next couple of years and we want you to be prepared for the numerous career and business opportunities on the horizon. In this training we will walk you through the key components of this disease, as well as show you how to take this knowledge to grow your careers into higher paid leadership positions such as Health Educators, Program Managers, Project Managers, Health Administrators, Office Managers, and even become health contractors and win health contracts directly from local, state, and federal government.

This program will take place on Saturday, June 17th by 10am. Please make sure to register!

You are welcome to provide your resume and we will include it in our employer database.

With this training you will receive:

  1. Continuing Education Credits for your college/university program
  2. Contact Hours for license renewals for nurses in MD
  3. Certification sponsored the MD Department of Health
  4. Linkedin Skill Endorsements (We will endorse this skill on Linkedin so that recruiters have a validated recommendation from us sponsored by the Maryland Dept of Health)
  5. FREE Career Coaching & Advising (We will be sharing career growth secrets that can help you double your income without any new degrees)
  6. FREE Health Business & Contracts Coaching
  7. Recommendation Letter for Graduate Health Degree Programs
  8. Mileage Reimbursement
  9. Health Professions Networking Session- Build lifelong connections and meet other health professionals who can provide valuable lessons learned for their careers and support your growth in both your career and business
  10. FREE admission to our Passive Profit Program (This program allows us to showcase your resume to our database of government health contracting firms and corporate partners who are always looking for health professionals with specialized skill sets and training. This program allows you the opportunity to win remote contracting opportunities that you can use to supplement your income and build flexibility into your schedule)

**************Must attend at least day 1 of training in order to receive these benefits**************

Register for the one of the following training sessions:

    • Day 1 of Training: June 10th at 10am – 3pm
    • Day 2 of Training: June 11th at 4pm – 8pm
    • Day 1 of Training: June 24th at 10am – 3pm
    • Day 2 of Training: June 25th at 4pm – 8pm
    • Day 1 of Training: June 17th at 10am – 3pm
    • Day 2 of Training: June 28th at 4pm – 8pm